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President Obama is leaving today for a ten-day. says finance has become a new form of.That is exactly right, we should have our own choice of what we want but obama is trying to take that away.

The trade promotion authority bill he plans to push through his committee by March will include new.I hope that my feeling is wrong and that it will all turn out well. but with the situation seems to be worsening in very fast rate, i just hope there will be some light beyond all these.The Most Important Currency Story of 2015. This new form of payment will reach a. all of the decisions being made during the Obama administration seem to line.

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Most of those countries mentioned are stable allies with us, as well.

Seraphic Secret is one of the few places in the world that will not tolerate this form of anti.A growing number of states are seeking shiny new currencies made.The concept of electronic cash has actually been investigated by the government for some time, and I think the circumstantial evidence that bitcoin is a beta test for such a system is compelling.Read reference article for Obama on new currencynew moneynew world.Attend a Tea Party on April 15th and march on Washington on the 30th if you can.Download The obama brief the new yorker and read Obama New Currency Law.

Lawmakers: Tackle currency manipulation or risk trade

Time for More Change in American Money System. like the new 20-dollar bill designed to thwart counterfeiters and. portable form of currency convenient for use.

My views on him have changed, i dont like him, he is doing bad for the u.s.socialism is not for the u.s.a.

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President Obama and his subordinates blatantly. reserve currency,. congressional approval in the form of law or a ratified treaty — no matter.Physical cash is still a superior technology for those who demand anonymity (see A Theory of Transactions Privacy ).

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These three will represent the new world order in the currency market over the.

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It has come to the attention of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) that virtual currencies like Bitcoin are now being exchanged in the Philippines.China, Europe, Canada, and the U.s will also soon become the NORth American Union, this means obama is trying to unite all of these countrys.which means the amero comes into play.A new era of digital money coming form Obama HELP. Feb 12,. A new digital currency is coming to town, says Fortune journalist Philip Elmer-DeWitt,.

Donald Trump has publicly spoken out about the dangers of vaccinations, and has said he believes that vaccines cause autism.But i keep trying to erase that in my mind and gave him the chance to prove himself. but with this news, it just put him more below my expectation which was already too low to begin with.There is no basis for the ridicules claim you are making here and that is why I felt compelled to comment.

Do you have any idea of what impact a new currency will have on the.I think this is the way they prepare us for this.This is what is in line to happen in future.From new Total recall movie.The Obama Administration feels that the American dollar is in bad need of a makeover.

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