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Addendum 1 to Specification for Threading and Gauging of Rotary Shouldered Thread Connections. seal face has to handle the misapplication of make-up torque,.The reverse angle torque shoulder provides a positive torque stop, which allows for accurate power tight make-up and minimizes hoop stresses in the connection.Our state of the art casing plant was built in 2005 and has a capacity of 80,000 metric tons per year.Oil and Gas Industry threaded connections makeup procedures and standa Oil and Gas Industry threaded connections makeup procedures and standa EngrKD (Petroleum).

API Seal-Ring Couplings Test specimens consisting of API seal-ring couplings lubricated with API modified thread lubricant were made-up to the base of the triangle stamp and tested.This plant is one of the few in the industry with hot sizing.This extra torque capability is provided by the torque shoulder.It is well known in the petroleum industry that the performance of an API connection is highly dependent on the makeup assembly (engagement) condition of the joint, and therefore it is important to determine if the joint is made-up properly.Make Up Torque LTC Trpon Pipe - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free.Because of the variables found in the manufacturing tolerances in tubular connections each tubular joint could have a different hand tight plane reference and therefore a different position on the pipe section for the mark.

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Also, the tin plating on the couplings was specified as 2.5 mils, to simulate the worst case (thinnest) tin plating dimension within test specification.After this reference torque is reached, a predetermined number of turns are counted in the make-up of the tubular connection.

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Proper make-up is monitored using torque make-up tables and the number of required turns.

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EXAMPLE 3 Phosphatized Couplings API Modified Thread Lubricant Specimens consisting of phosphatized couplings lubricated with API modified thread lubricant were made-up to the base of the API triangle stamp and tested.This improved connection includes a first pipe section having a standard API triangle mark at a predetermined position on its exterior surface for the proper axial engagement of the pin member with the coupling or box member.

If upon make-up, the joint is visually inspected on the rig floor to be within the proper position and within the proper torque range, the joint is acceptable.THREADING TO API SPECIFICATIONS: API Threads with couplings are extra strong for deep and high-deviated wells.The type of lubricant, coupling plating type, magnitude of internal pressure applied, and the length of the thread helix all affect the ability of the buttress connection to seal in gas applications.These buttress connections provide high tensile load capability, but do not always provide reliable gas sealability performance, and have therefore been used primarily for liquid service applications.Higher cost proprietary connections are routinely run in place of API buttress connections in high pressure gas applications.In an effort to further quantify the performance of this makeup condition, some specimens were specially machined to worst-case API tolerances for further testing.The desired distance from the hand tight plane is determined empirically by making up numerous joints of each type, grade and size of pipe.Angles and areas of the stab flanks and torque shoulders are optimized.

Following the coupling installation for a lot of pipe, histograms of mill-end makeup torque should be prepared.Seal-rings and seal-ring groove dimensions were verified prior to testing.Phosphatized couplings, lubricated with API modified thread lubricant (Exxon Thredkote 706) 2.

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The operator inputs joint data, make-up specifications and limits,.Buttress Thread Casing (BTC) API SPEC 5B working ring or plug size, threads per inch and taper per foot chart.This torque is sometimes determined by API torque recommendations.The box member is plated with a metal substantially comprising tin.

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Both specimens successfully completed the liquid pressure testing, but leaked during gas pressure testing when a compression load was applied.The API buttress connection is much less expensive than the alternative choice of premium connections.

Recommended Make-Up Torque, API Tolerances, TFA Chart. Related searches for btc api thread chart Specification for Threading,.Two specimens successfully completed all tests, while the other specimen failed to contain gas internal pressure at elevated temperature.In this manner, the torque at which shoulder by metal-to-metal sealing contact achieved during makeup of the connection can be detected.The tubular joint is then observed and if the face 22A of the box member 20A is properly positioned relative to the triangle mark 16 on the pipe section 10A, the joint is acceptable and make-up is terminated.

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A method of connecting threaded pipe sections to form a made-up thread casing, comprising the steps of: a) providing a first pipe section including an externally threaded pin member having a face at its end, said first thread section having been marked with a triangle stamp in accordance with API Specification Std. 5B, Section 2 (13th ed.In the axial positioning of the pipe sections, a hand tight plane is used as a reference for determining the position of a mark or marks on the pipe section(s).

Additional tests were conducted at a later date that were made-up to the apex of the triangle.Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) manufactured by U. S. Steel Tubular Products are widely used across the global oil and gas industry.Contact us for more information regarding OCTG casing and tubing products: Toll Free: 877-780-7560 Phone:.Testing continued with combined internal pressure with compression loads to 80% IYP and -50% PBYS.

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SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION A method of coupling API buttress connections in such a way as to provide high sealability in high pressure gas applications is disclosed.

This method has limitations because it does not provide enough information to distinguish quality control problems such as out-of-tolerance threads, cross-threading, or galling.Therefore, seal ring buttress couplings are not recommended since even the greatest care and handling under laboratory conditions will not ensure a gas seal.This is true for two reasons: 1) the internal pressure design rating of the thread material is higher and 2) the length of the thread helix is shorter.Further, torque response of the connection after shoulder may be monitored.By contrast, the other pipe section 10B in coupling 18 is improperly connected to its box member 20B, in that the face 22 B is not at least aligned with triangle base 26 B, leaving triangle 17 completely exposed.The present invention is advantageously used with a buttress connection.This predetermined position window is the same for all pin members of a similar size, grade, weight and thread type (or form) and therefore the marks can be applied with a simple template prior to the make-up of the joint.

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